Wartime Conferences

The Wartime Conferences

Setting The Stage For A New World Order

Atlantic Charter – 8/40

  • Before the war Roosevelt and Churchill met in secret on a ship in the Atlantic.


  • Signed the Atlantic Charter stating the goals of the war:


    -no territorial expansion

    -no territorial changes without permission of inhabitants.

    -self determination

    -freer trade.

    -cooperation to improve other nations.

    -disarming of aggressor nations.

  • The Atlantic Charter was eventually signed by 15 countries including the Soviet Union and became the basis of the United Nations.

Cairo Conference – 11/43

  • Roosevelt, Churchill and Chiang Kai-shek agreed that Korea would become independent.


  • Taiwan would be returned to China from Japan.

Tehran Conference – 11/43

  • Roosevelt and Churchill assure Stalin a second front would be opened soon.

Yalta Conference – 10/44

  • Try German and Japanese leaders as war criminals.


  • Agreed to set up the United Nations.


  • Soviet Union agrees to enter the war after Germany is defeated.


  • Roosevelt and Churchill agree to accept a Communist Polish government and Stalin agrees to “free and unfettered” elections in Eastern Europe.

Potsdam Conference – 7/45

  • Stalin, Churchill and Truman meet to discuss post war plans.


  • Germany divided into 4 zones.


  • Stalin makes it clear he has no intention of allowing free elections in Eastern Europe.

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