Colonization and Mercantilism

To what extent was the colonization of America forged by greed?

Many nations sought to create colonies in order to expand and
build their global empires. No one as successful as the English. The
English were wealthy, organized and had the worlds most powerful
navy. In the beginning the colonists came as loyal subjects but they
also came to America with a variety of ideals. In time these ideal
and desires conflicted with their colonial masters.

I. The British Create a Colonial Empire

A. Pilgrims

1. Came to America in search of religious freedom.

2. Considered themselves loyal British subjects.

3. Proved that colonies in the new World could be successful.

B. Why was the British Government interested in the New World?

1. Colonies meant land, power, raw materials.

2. Colonists were a market for finished goods.

3. Colonists could be taxed.

4. The term used to describe this relationship was
mercantilism. Mercantilism meant that the colony existed for
the good of the mother country.

C. If you were a member of Parliament, how would you encourage
colonization of this new land?

1. Charter joint stock companies that limited

2. Create the headright system that gave land matching

D. How did people who couldn’t afford land and berth come to the

1. Indentured servants – Worked for seven years
with no pay, then became apprentices.

2. Often young people.

E. What did the King expect from his colonies?

1. Gain raw materials, market for goods. This was
known as mercantilism.

2. The colonies existed for the good of the mother country

F. What are the goals of mercantilism?

1. Create a favorable balance of trade.

G. Why were the Colonists satisfied with colonialism until the mid

1. Colonists couldn’t produce to many finished goods
anyway. When they did in New England the British were unable to stop