Union Weapons and Methods

What methods do unions use to achieve their goals?

Goals of unions: To negotiate a contract for their
members that gain improved wages , benefits and working conditions.
These contacts are known as collective bargaining agreements (CBA’s)


Negotiation – Unions bargain and discuss their wished
with management in an attempt to come to a peaceful agreement that
they both can live with. This is the art of compromise.

Slow Down – If unions do not get what they want sometimes they
tell workers to slow down production to “push” management to give
them what they want.

Sick Out – One tactic that might be used is having numerous
workers call in sick on one day. This temporarily stops production
and is a show of force.

Picketing – Unions will protest outside of the place of work to
gain public support and attention.

Strike – This is the last resort, walking out of work. If the
workers can hold out long enough they may push management to give them
what they want.