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If you have found yourself teaching a Bible class for teens, no doubt you’ve found yourself with quite a challenge on your hands. Most of the time teachers find teens harder to teach than younger kids; however, it is definitely not impossible. Of course it is definitely important that you come up with some great youth Bible lessons for your class, and you’ll have to remember that these are teens, not little children. If you have taught younger kids in the past you’re going to have to change your tactics a bit when teaching youth Bible lessons. Here are a few great tips for reaching teens that should help.

Tip #1 – Make Lessons Relevant to Teens – First of all, when it comes to your youth Bible lessons, it is imperative that you make them relevant to teens. Find lessons that address issues that they are dealing with in their life, and don’t be afraid to get involved on even the toughest topics. Teens want to know that the Bible is relevant to their life, so you’ll have to make it so.

Tip #2 – Ask Plenty of Questions – When you are teaching youth Bible lessons, it is important that you take time to ask the teens plenty of questions. Never just get going on a long monologue when teaching a teen class. Get them involved and find out what they are thinking by asking great questions.

Tip #3 – Don’t Be Afraid to Use Visuals – While you may be tempted to think that visuals are only for younger kids, believe it or not, teens love visuals too. Try incorporating some visuals into your youth Bible lessons and you’ll find that they love it. Many teens learn visually, so adding visuals will help them learn and understand what you are teaching on a greater level.

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