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Writing Lesson Plans

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Writing and composition is a class dreaded by many students however you can make it a fun and exciting class for them by developing exciting writing lesson plans that challenge your students. One of the best ways to get your students involved in writing is to have them keep a journal throughout their time in your class. Having students write journal assignments a couple times a week will let them have the opportunity to pick out their own topics and write something that is probably less demanding than most other writing they will be doing. Collecting these journals and making notes of grammar and spelling problems is a good way to help them improve their writing.

When you are developing your writing lesson plans for the year it will probably be a good idea to allow time to go over basic grammar and writing techniques with your class. No matter how much they have written in the past it is always helpful to review the basics of writing. This is also a good way to be sure your class is on the same page as far as writing skills and knowledge. As you begin to give actual writing assignments it will be helpful to your students if you don’t move too fast in your writing lesson plans from one assignment to another. Having a student edit and rewrite their papers various times is very constructive to their writing abilities.

Another thought that you may want to use in your writing lesson plans is putting your students into groups and having them write a paper as a group. Often this can be a great way to take the various strengths and weaknesses of your students and combine them together to help each other. One caution with this type of project is that you need to be sure that one student in the group does not get stuck with all the work. There are a variety of things that you can do to make your writing lesson plans fun and exciting while teaching your students many important writing lessons.

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