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Writing Curriculum

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Writing is something people do everyday and in every aspect of their life. It is a great way to communicate and this makes it very important that you develop a good writing curriculum for your students so they can succeed in life. A good way to get your students’ involved in writing is by making them write in a journal everyday. This is something that they can continue doing even after they are out of school. It can help them deal with things that are going on in their life at the time which makes it something you should add to your writing curriculum.

Something else that would be good to add to your writing curriculum is putting your students into groups and having them write a play or a short story. This will get their creative juices flowing and have them learn how to work together to accomplish a task.

Letter writing is another task that people do day in and day out. Whether it is a letter to a family member or to a congressman, you will want it to be a very skillfully articulated letter. By adding letter writing to your writing curriculum, you can give your students’ the skills they require to write a successful letter.

Poetry is one of the oldest writing traditions available to your students. It is a good way to express ones emotions. You should add some form of poetry to your writing curriculum and get your students involved in writing it. Whether it be prescription poetry, a simple haiku, or a long ode, some form of poetry will be beneficial to them.

You can find many supplemental tools on the internet to get your students excited about writing. Some kids dread writing because they don’t feel like they are good enough. By giving them a good basis with your writing curriculum, you will be giving them a good jumping off point for all aspects of their life.

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