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Voice Lessons

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Teaching voice lessons is not for the faint of heart or for the teacher who enjoys quietness. If you are going to undertake teaching voice lessons prepare yourself for a lot of noise and possibly some frustration. While teaching voice lessons to some students who have a music background may come quite easy it can be a bit more difficult to teach those with no music backgrounds at all. No matter what level you feel your voice student is on it is important that you are sure that they know music basics such as the names of notes and the basics of rhythm. If your student is not familiar with these basics of music you will need to start at the beginning and teach them these simple basics. Also important for all students is a wide range of vocal exercises to be done at home for practice and during their voice lessons.

When picking out music to have students learn to sing in their voice lessons it is often a good idea to pick out a song that they do not know at all, something more classical in style. It is also helpful let them do a more familiar song, or perhaps a song that they have expressed interest in. Balancing the music chosen between music they do not know and a familiar song can help keep up interest in their voice lessons. One thing to watch out for is making sure that your student is actually able to read the notes of the song. If you play and sing the song for the student they may be able to pick up the song by ear and not really be singing the song by reading the notes. It takes a skilled and attentive teacher to pick these situations out.

Most of all when teaching voice lessons you should be sure that you make singing fun for your students and give them a lot of encouragement. Require a certain amount of practice time every week for your student, which can vary depending on how advanced they are. If you see your student slacking off sometimes they will need a little push, and sometimes they just might need a new approach. Never be afraid to try something new with your students even if you do go back to your original approach. Keep your lessons interesting and challenging and you can lead a student to vocal excellence.

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