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Virginia Home School

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State law permits Virginia home schools. In order to be a Virginia home school educator it is not essential for you to possess a college degree. There are different options under which one can file for home schooling in Virginia. The criteria are the educational and professional status of the educator or the person wishing to be educator.

One of four conditions needs to be met in this regard. The four conditions are—teaching parent holds a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher education; meets the qualifications for a teacher prescribed by the Board of Education; enroll the child in an approved correspondence course; provide a program of study which shows that the parent is capable of providing adequate education to the child.

Virginia home school law requires that annual progress reports be submitted to concerned authorities by August 1 of the following school year. There are certain tests for this purpose. Information about these is available from the local education office. If you wish to home school in Virginia you do not have to seek any kind of permission. You only need to notify the local district of your intent to home school, and meet the prerequisites fixed by them. Virginia state does not have any provisions for any tax-deductible home schooling expenses and neither does the federal government. There is no need for any special legal insurance for Virginia home schools.

While filing your letter of intent with the local superintendent you need to include certain information such as the number of children you will be home schooling, a description of the program of study, and if required specifically, vaccination records. When filing progress reports it should be done at the age-based grade level. Different resources are available for Virginia home school educators to seek guidance, tips and help. The Organization of Virginia Home Schoolers meets all these needs.

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