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Vacation Bible School

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One school that many children do not mind attending is vacation bible school. Vacation bible school or VBS as it is often called is a specialized school, usually held during the summer, to teach children more about the bible and the stories contained in it. Many believe that vacation bible school started back in 1894 when D.T. Miles began teaching children about the bible during the summer because there was not enough time devoted to it during the regular school year. Today, some churches provide their own curriculum while some have packages designed by their church publishing houses.

Why would a child voluntarily go to school during their summer vacation? Because vacation bible school is fun and they get to meet new children that may not go to their school. Vacation bible school incorporates many different activities such as skits, arts and crafts, puppet shows, and singing. Some of the most popular songs sang at vacation bible school are Jesus Loves the Little Children, Jesus Loves Me, If You’re Happy and You Know It, and This Little Light of Mine. Children who attend vacation bible school also learn stories of the Old and New Testament. The Old Testament might include stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, Isaac, Joseph, Samuel, David (and Goliath), Daniel, and Jacob. The New Testament might include stories about Jesus and His birth, Bethlehem, the first Christmas, Jesus’ death, Jesus’ resurrection, and Palm Sunday.

Some vacation bible schools are free of charge while some do cost a small free to cover the teacher’s time and activity materials. Vacation bible school can be available for children as young as age 2, but you will need to contact a local church to see exactly what their age requirements are.

Vacation bible school can be rewarding for not only the children attending, but also the adults involved in the activities.

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