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Typing Lessons

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Finding appropriate teaching methods when giving typing lessons can be a challenge for any teacher. While there are a variety of textbooks available to use when giving typing lessons there are also many other things you can come up with as a teacher to make your typing class more interesting. While there are many exercises usually provided in the textbooks it can be fun at times to come up with some of your own. Having your students write letters on paper and then type them out can be a good way that they can practice their typing skills while actually typing something that is interesting to them.

Sometimes it can be helpful to incorporate contests into your typing lessons. Having accuracy and speed contests is a great way to motivate your students to work hard at their typing skills. Remember that in speed contests it is not just how many words you can type but accuracy counts too. You can also spice up what may seem to be boring typing lessons with games such as typing relay races where two teams compete against each other typing various typing exercises.

When you are giving typing lessons it is important that you stress accuracy more than speed. Speed is great, but accuracy should not be sacrificed for speed. Make sure that your students understand how important typing will be to them in the future and encourage them that doing well in this class can bring them long term benefits. While it is often hard to assign homework since students may not have a typewriter or computer it is a good idea to encourage your students to practice as much as possible. Coming up with interesting typing lessons may be a challenge but it will be worth your while and will provide fun for your students while they learn an important skill for life.

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