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Technology Lesson Plans

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It is important that teachers show their students how important technology is today and how technology has developed through many years. When you are developing technology lesson plans it is probably a good idea to start out with basic forms of technology that have been used for years such as levers and pulleys. It is important that students understand how simple advances in technology can make tasks easier. Your technology lesson plans should also be relevant to today’s world showing how technology of the past has impacted our world today.

In some technology lesson plans it may be interesting and educational for your students to study inventors of the past and the present. Studying great inventors such as Thomas Edison and Ben Franklin will teach them how important inventing and technology is. Also studying historical inventors will show them where some of the technology they take for granted actually was actually created. It might also be fun to create inventions in your class as well. Coming up with activities where students have the opportunity to make their own inventions will be mentally stimulating and help them appreciate technology.

You should also include in your technology lesson plans time for class discussion. Discuss as a class what would happen if you would have to live without certain technologies and how your life would be changed without them. You can also discuss advantages versus disadvantages of some technologies deciding as a class if some technology is really so great. You can also incorporate in your technology lesson plans how to use various types of technology. It may be an appropriate time to teach your students about using a computer and the benefits computers have brought to society. Most of all you should be sure that you are challenging your students and making them think in each class period as well as making learning fun.

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