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Technology Associates Degree

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There are a number of areas of specialized study that one can focus on when earning a technology associates degree, or Associate of/in Technology. An associate degree in technology can serve as a building block to a bachelor degree in technology. Below are just a few examples of specialized areas that can be studied while earning a technology associates degree, typically an Associate of Science.

One of the most popular specialized areas in technology is the computer technology associates degree. Computer technology encompasses database management, applications programming, system analysis, software management, networking and data communications. The job outlook for skilled graduates from a reputable technology program remains strong as technological advances prompt businesses to hire educated workers to help them keep up.

Another popular area of study for a technology associates degree is nuclear technology. Students studying nuclear technology are often preparing for either civilian or military careers in reactor operations, quality assurance, instrumentation and chemical technologies.

Other choices for a specialized technology associates degree include mechanical and industrial technologies and electronic technologies. Generally, a graduate with only a two-year degree will enter into the skilled vocational workforce and may later pursue engineering as a profession. Many other avenues exist and several programs might be the foundation of a professional degree.

In many cases, you can focus on an associates degree in technology while working a full-time job. Many schools have specialized courses that might include night and weekend classes or can be taken at an individualized pace. In some cases, a technology associates degree might boost your promotional potential at work or might conversely prepare you for a whole new career.

Potential students pursuing technology should examine preferred schools closely and look at scheduling, completion time, cost, and whether the program meets both their short and long-term personal and career goals.

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