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Summer School

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There are different reasons that a student might take summer school classes. If the student has performed poorly during the regular school year, he or she may be asked to attend school during the summer before he or she can move on to the next grade in the following semester.

However, some high school students choose to attend summer school as a way of bettering themselves and preparing for college. Many schools offer summer school programs that help students prepare for college admission tests such as the SAT. There are summer school programs aimed at helping high school students prepare for college by building their proficiency in logical and critical thinking as well as writing skills. Skills like this are more likely to ensure that the student has a successful college experience.

These pre-college programs are usually offered to students from 9th grade to 12th grade. By attending these summer classes, they get a better understand of what to expect from college life. They also get to meet other high school students – some may even be exchange students from other countries, so students get to learn about what life is like outside the United States.

Columbia University offers a summer school program where the students live on campus while attending the specially designed classes. This makes the move from high school to college less traumatic for the students because they have an idea of what to expect. Harvard University offers a summer school program in which high school students can receive college credit before they even graduate.

In the past, summer school often had a bad connotation attached to it. It usually mean the student failed and had to attend school during the summer while everyone else was out. But now, more and more students are using the summer as an opportunity to further their education voluntarily by attending summer school.

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