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Spanish Lesson Plans

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Learning a new language is so exciting for many students and usually what language they choose is up to them so most students choose whether or not they are in your class. Coming up with good Spanish lesson plans is very important to the success of your class and the success of your students. Depending on the level of Spanish you are teaching you may have to change the style of your Spanish lesson plans. For beginners it is a great idea to start out in a simple way just like you would when teaching small children English. A great place to start is with the Spanish alphabet helping them remember the letters and helping them become familiar with the different sounds. After they learn the alphabet then they are ready to begin learning important words.

For more advanced students your Spanish lesson plans may be a little different. Some Spanish teachers that are teaching second and third year students require that only Spanish be spoken in their classroom. This can be fun for the students and help them become comfortable with using Spanish in everyday conversations. Also at this stage of learning Spanish you may want to begin having your students do short writing assignments in Spanish. At this point you can also learn more advanced vocabulary and more emphasis on verb usage and tenses can be made.

No matter what level of Spanish you are teaching you should also incorporate the Spanish culture into your Spanish lesson plans. Teaching your students about the culture of the countries that speak Spanish can be very interesting to them. It is also exciting to celebrate holidays that Spanish speaking people celebrate and also familiarize them with the food and music of this culture. It is up to you as a teacher to come up with exciting Spanish lesson plans that will challenge your students, allowing them to have fun and learn.

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