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Social Studies Lesson Plans

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Social studies is a wide and broad subject, and includes a lot of information condensed into a typical school year of study. This of course, limits what is taught in each grade, and that in turn will determine what the social studies lesson plans will contain.

If you are a brand new teacher, composing your own social studies lesson plans can be intimidating. Of course, there are usually certain things that are required teaching for the year, but if your school doesn’t have fixed social studies lesson plans, you will have to determine how you are going to teach the subject during the year.

Research Online

You can always do research about social studies lesson plans online. There is a plethora of information that other educators seem willing to share. A good sample site for social studies lesson plans can be found at Lesson Plan Page. There are quite a few general templates out there for each grade along with ideas about how to teach different areas of the subject.

A rather unique site to browse is the site set up by the Public Broadcasting Station. Not only has PBS put up a site for educators to help teach their students social studies, they even offer to lend videos and other aids to teachers. Incorporating ideas such as those on the PBS website into your social studies lesson plans can be fairly simple.

Another resource can be message boards online where other educators share their own unique ideas for social studies lesson plans. Joining these message boards is usually free and quite simple. Other sites can easily be found by doing a general search for social studies message boards.

Whether you are a beginning teacher or a seasoned veteran, social studies lesson plans can be livened up with new ideas inspired by others. Finding these inspirations is as easy as browsing the internet for information. Check out how you can liven up your own social studies lesson plans via the Internet.

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