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College graduates with a social science degree have many employment options available to them. Social science is a popular field of study, and encompasses a variety of studies. Persons seeking a degree in this field generally enjoy working and helping people. The majority of jobs involving a social science degree include close interaction with others. For example, counselors have the responsibility of meeting with clients, assessing their needs, and helping the person resolve their internal or external conflict. Students majoring in social science must also select an emphasis. In other words, choose a specialized area of study.

A social science degree is appropriate for persons seeking employment as a professional counselor. For example, students may choose an emphasis in addiction counseling. This job entails helping clients recognize and overcome a variety of dependencies. The level of addictions may vary. Some clients may have minor problems with alcohol, whereas others are addicted to heavy narcotics. Other counseling opportunities with a social science degree include marriage and family services, school counseling, behavioral counseling, and rehabilitation counseling. Handling international affairs is another interesting employment opportunity for persons with a degree in social science.

Social science graduates are not required to take the counseling route with their degree. Graduates may also apply for employment as a teacher. A social science degree with an emphasis in history, journalism, political science, linguistics, economics, and communication are courses that can be taught on a high school or college level. Of course, before a social science graduate can become a teacher, he or she must complete the necessary coursework for teacher certification.

A social science degree can be received from any accredited college or university. Persons with little available time may consider applying with an online college. Moreover, some college campuses have a wide selection of online courses. Students complete coursework at their own pace, and classroom attendance is not mandatory.

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