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Singing Lessons

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Before looking around for someone to teach you singing lessons, determine your motivation for wanting lessons. Is it just for fun or do you want to prepare for an important audition? Do you have a great voice that just needs guidance? By understanding your own personal motivation, you can find the best singing lessons that will fit your needs.

If you are in school, your music teacher will be your best resource for singing lessons. If they cannot teach the lessons themselves, chances are they might know someone who can. Many times, they have contacts within the music community who might be able to help you. If you are an adult wanting formal singing lessons, your first stop should be a music store. This is not the type of music store like a big national chain that just sells CDs and such. You will want a music store that sells instruments and offers lessons on them. Music professionals often buy supplies at these music stores and will post their services on a community board for customers who come in. In addition, the store owner often has a list of tutors in the area that offer musical instruction in various instruments and even singing lessons.

Another resource for singing lessons is your local college or university. A number of them have music programs and the students are often eager to earn extra money while honing their craft. Consider checking with the music department at the college to inquire about any students majoring in vocal performance who might be willing to give singing lessons.

Of course, you can always resort to placing a “Wanted” ad for singing lessons in the newspaper or even websites that cater to your local area. Expect to get a few duds using this method; Screen them out by asking their credentials as well as references.

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