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Science Lessons

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Teaching science lessons is challenging and can be fun and rewarding. When teaching science lessons it is a good idea to encourage as much hands on activity as possible. Lectures, worksheets and work from the text book are all important to your science class but experiments are when students realize the practical aspects of science and how science really works. One example of a great science project to incorporate into your science lessons that leaves students gaping is the simple experiment of using celery and food coloring to demonstrate how water travels through a plant to its leaves. Taking the celery and placing it in the water overnight with food coloring will bring shocked faces when the next day the leaves of the celery are the same color as the food coloring. After doing this experiment what they have been learning about plants will become real to them and have a lot more meaning.

When you are dealing with science lessons regarding biology or anatomy and physiology a great thing to do with your class is dissections. It is exciting for students to be able to dissect and animal and be able to identify the various organs and bones that are found in the animal. While learning these things from their science book or in your science lessons is helpful it brings in another important aspect of learning when they actually can do this with their hands and see the systems for themselves.

Doing experiments whether in botany, biology, chemistry, or anatomy, can help your students get a greater understanding of science and how it affects them. Using these experiments in your science lessons will not only be fun for your students but will also teach them many lessons not found in a book. Many students learn by hearing, and some by learning, but many students also learn best by doing and using scientific experiments is a good way to take advantage of this in your science class.

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