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Science Lesson Plans

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Science is probably one of the hardest subjects to teach. Many students just don’t see the connection between abstract science in textbooks and how it works and affects them in real life. That’s where a variety of science lesson plans can help teach science to your students more effectively.

Interesting Experiments

Mixing up the way you teach science, and trying to make experiments more interesting is a couple of ways to help your students learn science. Good science lesson plans can give you ideas for making the world of science more exciting for your students. There are several websites dedicated to providing these kinds of lesson plans. These site have numerous science lesson plans for a variety of ages and grades. You can find new ways to teach everything from animal development to gravity and just about everything else you can think of.

Other major museums and institutes also have science lesson plans and helpers to intrigue your students. One great site is Smithsonian Education, provided by the Smithsonian. Microsoft has even entered the area of science lesson plans. Their site is a little sparse, and it mainly uses information from Microsoft’s Encarta encyclopedia software, but it does have a few interesting features.

If you are completely lacking in ideas for your science lesson plans, join discussion groups online. You should be able to find quite a few groups online just by doing a general search for science lesson plans and discussion groups. These are great resources since they can have members from all over the world discussing their own ideas for innovative and interesting science lesson plans.

It can probably be a little frustrating trying to teach students a subject that they often don’t see as being applicable to them. However, with a few interesting science lesson plans, hopefully the students will see the light and realize that science does apply to their everyday lives.

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