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School Violence

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The world today is very different than it was even ten years ago. Children are sent off to schools where school violence is a daily part of life. For parents it can be just as traumatic as it is for their children when an incidence of school violence hits close to home.

The best weapon against school violence is knowledge. Children who are aware of the warning signs of violence on the school ground are more likely to react in a way that will keep not only themselves safe, but other students as well.

One of the first things a parent should discuss with their school age child is that violence is never an option. If a child understands that they are not allowed to hit another human being and if they see this happening to report it, the child is going to school with the right attitude.

Many children who are the victims of school violence feel compelled to keep the incident quiet. Either they fear retaliation by the bully or they worry that they will be labeled a “snitch” by the other students. Most schools now have programs in place that allow a child to report any type of disturbance or conflict in a very discreet manner. This helps the child to feel comfortable about coming forward.

It’s also important to tell a child who is attending school that violence may happen. Many children go to school with the belief that nothing bad can ever happen there. When they see a fight or hear of an altercation, they may feel hesitant about going back to school the next day. This can result in problems with absenteeism, or failed classes.

Parents should sit down their children and explain that the possibility of school violence is always there. They need to be aware of what to do if they witness something and how to keep themselves safe by telling an adult.

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