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School Uniforms

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A school uniform can be of different types; they can be formal or informal. Some schools stick to the white shirts and black or blue skirts and pants while others prefer the khakis and knit shirts. Some institutions also provide financial help for the lower income families for whom buying school uniforms might be an added expense. The debate for and against school uniforms continues all over the country.

The argument for school uniforms has gained strength in the wake of increased school violence and gang-related activities. Many supporters of this view opine that making uniforms compulsory will help curb gang affiliations and related activities. Another reason stated is an equality of sorts created when everyone is dressed alike, leaving no space for ostentatiousness. It also eliminates the need for monitoring the way students dress. When students are required to wear uniforms it helps reduce the presence of anti-social elements on campus since they would be easily identifiable due to their clothes.

Those supporting the opposing view on school uniforms cite the violation of freedom of expression as their moot point. Another strong point brought forth against school uniforms is the interference with certain religious clothing or accessories that students might wear. These advocates insist that uniforms cannot stop an individual from looking different from his/her peers if he/she wishes to do so. A distinguishing hairstyle or hair color is but some of the instances in which this can be achieved.

They maintain that far from saving money the proposition of school uniforms might in fact prove more costly – new uniforms will be required quite frequently as the child outgrows them or due to frequent washing; also children might still persuade parents to buy them expensive street clothes. Currently no states mandate school uniforms. However, in many states, the district boards are free to determine dress codes or even school uniforms.

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