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School Uniform

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Years ago, it was only private Catholic schools that imposed school uniforms on students. The boys often had to wear blue or black slacks, a white shirt, and tie while the girls wore white shirts and plaid skirts. But now days, school uniforms are becoming more and more popular with schools.

For what reasons would a school choose to make students wear uniforms? There are many good reasons, including safety issues. Since expensive sneakers and clothing have become popular with children and teens, there has been an increase in violence and theft of these items. By forcing all the students to wear the same or similar uniforms, this can decrease the violence. It also prevents gang members from identifying themselves at schools by wearing their colors and items with their insignias on them. It decreases the amount of peer pressure placed on those students that cannot afford the more expensive clothing items. It also instills a sense of discipline among the students, similar to that instilled in the military when they wear uniforms. It can help student concentration because they are not looking around to see who is wearing what. And finally, the wearing of school uniforms may alert administrators and teachers to campus intruders more easily, as their street clothing will stand out among the uniforms.

In order for most schools to begin implementing a uniform system, they need to get the parents behind the idea. By conveying the list of benefits to the parents, it may convince them to agree to this system. After all, it will be the parents that have to buy the uniforms for the student. Some families may even find the uniform clothing costs less than typical clothing worn by students in a school system not requiring a uniform. For families that cannot afford uniforms, there is often assistance available through the school system.

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