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School Teacher

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What does it take to become a school teacher? Is it for me? It can be, if you are willing to first meet your state’s requirements. That means extra education after completing high school. So you will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree and then complete a training program that requires a set amount of credits. Once this has been completed you will have to apply for a teacher’s license. This means you will be given a proficiency test in your subject, as well as other basic skills.

What are your job prospects? Over three million jobs are currently held. Is there room for you? Don’t worry. Over the next ten years many teachers will be retiring. Of course, demand will be governed according to location and the subject you will specialize in.

Have you considered teaching in a foreign language field? The demand is great in this area.

Gone are the days when teachers taught voluntarily. Today it is a means of providing for one’s family. So how much can you expect to earn? Typically, a beginning teacher may earn anywhere between $26,000 to 31,000. However, the average pay seems to be around $31,700. Teachers can increase their pay by furthering their own education and getting a master’s degree.

As a teacher, you will no doubt experience dealing with unruly children from time to time. Sadly, today this may even escalate to violence.

Many old schools lack up to date comforts, such as adequate heating and cooling. Classes may be large, placing added stress on teachers.

One benefit in many school systems is a ten month on, two month off policy and most holidays are off days, allowing for personal time not available in many professional fields.

It can be a chore to have fun teaching, at the same time gaining and keeping respect from students. Teaching is a large responsibility and not an easy job. But it can be, and should be a very rewarding career.

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