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School Rings

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The history of the school ring began in 1835, when the first one was created for West Point U.S. Academy. They started becoming popular in the 1900's, and are still very popular today. School rings today are worn to show school pride, or pride for graduating school. Young women sometimes wear their boyfriends' rings on chains around their necks to show that they are "taken." They are not only for high school, anymore, either. Today even college students sometimes buy school rings, and military members can get rings very similar.

School rings today come in a variety of choices, and a variety of prices. The options start with entering in the name of your school, and then choosing whether you want a male or a female ring, with the male ring being larger in size. Next, you usually choose a style of ring which you can further optimize. These styles include different stone sizes, different settings, and other options. Next, there are usually a few choices of the kind of metal you would like the ring to come in. These choices can include, depending on the ring company, silver rigns, different grades of white and yellow gold rings, and sometimes metals exclusive to the company. Along with choosing a metal, you get to choose if you want the metal to be antiqued, which is when it looks black in spots to enhance the words and designs.

After choosing the basics of your ring, next is choosing text and designs. Some people choose their name for their school rings, while others put their year of graduation. Others put both, one on each side of the ring. On most rings, you can also put a design on each side of the ring. Some companies even offer custom engravings to go inside of the ring.

Once you have these options taken care of, choosing a stone is next. Most companies give numerous options for your stone, and you also can choose the cut of your stone.

Keep in mind that these aren't the only options you have when choosing your ring. The different styles of rings offer different options, making it easy for you to make your ring as unique as you are.

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