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School Reunion

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High school reunions are gatherings held to reunited people who graduated on the same year or within a number of years. High school reunions are often held after 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, and 50 years after graduation. Many classes opt to have a whole weekend set aside for the reunion. This may include a Friday night social, the Saturday formal, and Sunday families function such as a picnic.

Many people panic before their high school reunion. They may worry about having put on weight, men may worry about having lost some or all of their hair, they may worry that their former classmates won’t be impressed by their career – a thousand things run through the mind’s of some people before a school reunion.

To help keep you sane, here are a few tips of things not to worry about before your school reunion:

Weight gain – Chances are, at least one other person in your class has gained weight. Although the reality is more likely that everyone has gained at least some weight.

Hair loss – As we get older, things change. Some people from your class may have a full head of hair when they die at the ripe old age of 99. If you are losing your hair, go to a salon to find the best style for you – something that will make you feel confident about yourself. If you have lost all your hair, remind yourself of other physical features you have that are terrific.

Competition – There may be people at your reunion who are only there to compete. These are the ones that want to show everyone they have the best job, the best-looking spouse, and the smartest kids. Do not play into their games. Just be confident and satisfied with your life. Chances are you will not be the best at everything, but if you are content and happy, that will shine through.

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