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School Playground Equipment

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A school may receive playground equipment funds through many means such as a grant, a fundraiser or even a public donation. Once a budget is established, there are several things to think about before ordering. One is the playground area itself. Look carefully for any obstacles that might cause problems after the equipment is installed. Determine what type of surface you want for your playground and will it meet your safety standards.

When choosing school playground equipment, there are several things you should consider. Foremost is the age of the children that will be using the school playground equipment. Obviously, school playground equipment chosen for toddlers should be quite different from that chosen for older children. Children ages 2 – 5 should have equipment that helps their physical development, but also encourages interactive play with other children. Children ages 5 – 8 should have equipment that helps define more of their physical skills. Children ages 8 – 12 should have equipment that starts to help them focus on upper body strength. They should also have equipment that is starting to be a little more physically challenging. Finally, children ages 12 and up should have equipment that helps develop their physical fitness. Once you determine the needs of the children that will be using the equipment, you can then contact a playground equipment company to check what they have available and pricing.

Safety is always a major concern when purchasing school playground equipment. The equipment should meet certain guidelines like does it offer good visibility for teachers, is it easily accessible by the children, and it is age appropriate. School playground equipment should also There are rules that can be followed to help ensure the safety of the children while playing on equipment. Do not allow the children to play on equipment when it is wet, damaged or broken. Damaged equipment should be marked off so the children know it should not be used.

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