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School Playground Equipment

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If you ask a grammar school aged child what their favorite part of school is, don’t be surprised if they confess that they adore the school playground equipment. This equipment affords children hours of not only fun and friendship with others, but well needed exercise as well.

Although playing on the school playground equipment is always welcomed by children, there are some safety tips that parents should consider. It’s always a good idea to visit the school playground with your child one evening or weekend if you can, to go over the basics.

The number one rule when it comes to school playground equipment and safety is no pushing or shoving. When many children are all using the equipment at the same time, disagreements are bound to occur. Although most schools require adult supervision in the form of a teacher during school hours, most teachers can’t keep their eyes on every child at every moment.
If your child understands that they must wait their turn when using the school playground equipment, this will help them to avoid any problems. If someone does begin to push them or call them names, they should be aware that they need to report that to a teacher.

Before sending your child to school there are a few things you can do, as a parent that will help keep them safer on the equipment. One is to not purchase any clothing that has strings attached to it. This includes ribbons or bows on the clothing of girls. These can become lodged in pieces of the school playground equipment and result in injury. If your child has a coat that has a string through the hood, remove it immediately.

Also, tell your child that they should be telling a teacher if they notice anything broken on the equipment. Although most schools regularly inspect the equipment, things can break and it’s important that it’s reported as soon as possible.

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