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School Lockers

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Most everyone remembers school lockers from when they went to high school. School lockers are a storage compartment with a lock that usually is used to store books, lunch, and clothing (such as jackets or gym clothes).

School lockers usually are double tiered with two lockers stacked on top of each other. Those double tiered school lockers are sold by Penco, Lyons, Hallowell, Republic and Edsal among other companies. The double tier lockers are normally 12 inches wide and have one double prong and three single prong coat hooks. School lockers may have any type of lock including the standard cam lock, the swivel catch lock, the number plate lock and the combi lock.

There are even companies that make clear school lockers. Due to the increase of student bringing contraband items to school, the clear lockers come in handy. Teachers and administrators may not have the right to search lockers, but the clear lockers may allow them to see items that students should not be bringing in to the school.

The latest invention to allow teachers and administrators more control over what is kept in the school locker is the “smart” locker. Principals can control the lockers from a central computer. Each smart locker is opened with a swipe card instead of a padlock. With the computer control, a principal could lockdown all lockers in the school if needed. A student frequently accessing his locker during the day may be a sign of a problem. Principals would be able to monitor the number of times a student accesses his or her locker. The computer system would also alert administration if a student were accessing the locker when they were supposed to be in class.

While many proponents applaud the new smart school lockers and many are already in use in certain school systems, some think the lockers are a violation of school privacy.

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