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School Furniture

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Have you every felt uncomfortable in an area and couldn’t quite pin down why? Well, the way our environment is set up can affect our mood and even our ability to perform. This is not only true of lighting, but with furniture as well. School furniture is no exception.

School furniture has always been designed for functionality. The earliest school furniture may have consisted of pew-like rows, but it was long before desks became popular pieces in the class room. The evolution of these desks has not been that dramatic. They may have added storage and extra room, but are still very similar to their ancestors.

Most people picture the individual desks sitting in rows in the classroom. We picture the first row of school furniture with its “A” students and as you get closer to the back you get the rowdy crowd. However, many teachers have sought to change it up a bit. Many kindergarten classes have done away with the desk completely opting for Indian style and a carpet.

Staring at the back of someone’s head while the teacher is talking is not a very good way to promote learning. As such, school furniture has been arranged in various styles including in circles and in groups. These settings provide a ripe atmosphere for team work and developing social skills.

One of the problems with school furniture in the past is that it doesn’t take into account different sizes and shapes. It is hard to concentrate when your knees hit the top of the desk or you simply can’t breathe. Higher education has to take into account the growing population of students who are expecting.

In response to the above problems many classes have gone to the long table as a replacement for individual desks. This gives the student’s body more freedom and also allows for easy adjustment of different class sizes. In the future, we may see a replacement for the long tables that has more of the functionality of desks, but for now they are a better option than squeezing in.

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