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School Furniture

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When most of us think of school furniture, we think of the uncomfortable desks we sat in all through grammar and middle school. There is a lot more to the furniture commonly found in schools than that, and it’s easy to overlook just how important a part in your child’s educational experience it plays.

Naturally, each student needs a place to sit when in class. Many schools are now bypassing the standard desk and chair combination for long tables. These tables are constructed from either wood or plastic and can accommodate a number of students all at the same time. Depending on the size and shape of the classroom, children can even be situated facing each other on either side of the tables.

The chairs that are used in classrooms are dependant on the size of the students. You aren’t likely to find regular size chairs in a classroom filled with five or six-year-olds. It’s very important that the school furniture, including the chairs be the proper size for the children who will be using them.

Portable chalk boards or white boards are also an integral piece of school furniture. These are quickly replacing the traditional black boards or green boards that most teachers have been using for years. Many of the new boards have wheels, which allows for portability. This can save a good deal on the school furniture budget as more than one classroom can utilize each board.

When a child is just beginning school, they often aren’t placed in a classroom. The focus in pre-school is on social skills and playtime. Therefore, the school furniture will be different in this type of learning environment. Buckets and containers to hold toys are used quite often, as are benches for the children to sit on. In most cases, the school will opt for plastic supplies as they can be easily cleaned.

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