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School Fundraising

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School fundraising is done through a variety of methods. Most of these are with the involvement of parents, teachers and students alike. School fundraising helps the institution collect finances for various purposes such as improving infrastructural facilities or new uniforms for the school sports teams or band or any other similar activity. School fundraising is a fun way of getting a difficult goal met.

Bake sales and car washes are some of the very common school fundraising programs. But various innovative methods are also cropping up each day. There are even professional school fundraising consultants available. The most important things to keep in mind when planning a school fundraising drive are the programs should have easy saleability, good value for money, and bring good results. Planning obviously has a very important role to play in all of this. Let’s take the example of a car wash as a school fundraising effort.

When undertaking a car wash for school fundraising location is crucial. Choose a spot where passersby can see your team and put up visible posters and colorful boards that also specify the purpose behind the drive. Make sure you have all the material you need such as water hoses, a good source of water supply, buckets and sponges, wash towels and so on. Organize all the volunteers into teams and assign them with different chores. Plan to wash cars for at least six to eight hours in one day.

Don’t forget to liven up the atmosphere with some peppy music and provide plenty of drinking water and some snacks to ensure that your team does not get demoralized in a short while. Putting a few people in charge of bringing in customers could give a big boost to your school fundraising efforts. Spreading the word about the planned fundraiser a few days in advance will improve your chances of getting more customers.

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