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School Fundraisers

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School fundraisers are frequent events that keep happening throughout the year. If you are bored of the same old kind of events that are organized for school fundraisers you could suggest something new and different. Instead of a cake bake or a car wash or candy sales, you could try a candle fundraiser or even a cookie dough fundraiser. The basic idea behind these school fundraisers is also the same as with other order taking fundraisers. The difference is in the product sold.

If you are using candles for school fundraisers, make sure that the sellers have samples of aromatic candles with them. It is easier for someone to book an order after seeing a sample than otherwise. Many manufacturers offer good discounts on bulk orders for school fundraisers. In fact, the bigger the order, the greater the discount. This makes it easier for you to get more customers with deeper discounts of your own.

Train your salespersons to be courteous and friendly when approaching prospective customers. They should not be pushy yet at the same time should tray and convince the person to book an order however small it might be. Highlighting the difference between store prices and the price offered by you is sure to catch their attention. Put across the point that the money is for a good cause and the person also gets some return out of it.

Another lucrative idea for school fundraisers is the discount shopping card. These cards bring in profits of more than 50 percent each and provide good value to the buyer also. Most times they are valid for multiple uses. You can even choose to customize the card with the name of the school or a recognizable logo or slogan. As a result of their popularity often a single seller can make more sales than he or she would with other products.

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