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School Fundraisers

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Public schools require funds. Typically, this money comes through tax payer’s dollars. However, to acquire more funds for school programs, many educational institutes will run various school fundraisers. These school fundraisers may take place during the school hours of operation, or students themselves may conduct the school fundraisers during their own free time. A bake sale may be held during school hours, with the proceeds going to fund certain school activities. Other times, students will conduct fund raising by selling products such as candy bars, magazines, or novelty items.

Most schools will organize the fundraisers and give instructions to both the parents and the students regarding the items being sold and the cost of each item. Due to security issues, many school districts recommend or try to dissuade students from traveling door to door while conducting their fundraising efforts. If it is required to travel from house to house, then it is suggested that an adult stay within close proximity, either on foot, or in a car. Safety should always be the first priority when dealing with children.

There are many items to choose from when selecting school fundraisers. A bake sale has always been a big hit, as well as craft bazaars. However, for the fundraising efforts outside of the schoolroom, children typically sell items such as candy bars, mugs, magazines, candles, gift items, and more. Another popular item to sell for fundraisers includes cookbooks.

Companies abound that provide creative and witty ideas for use in fundraising. The key to a successful fundraiser is in choosing a great product to sell. One way to tell if a product is a great seller is by determining how long other companies have been selling that same product. If the product is a great fundraising item, then chances are that people will continue to sell it.

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