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School Fund Raising

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Because of budget cuts in education, many schools have to resort to school fund raising to get equipment and materials they need. School fund raising can be anything from the band having car washes to raise money for new uniforms to the entire 7th grade selling candy to raise money for new books for the library.

If you are looking for a good school fund raising idea, you have many options. There are several older, traditional fund raising ideas that have worked for schools for years. One is a school fair. This will require some materials like booths, dividers, but most importantly, you need volunteers. You can have booths with games like a cakewalk or musical chairs, but you can also have booths selling things you get donated from student parents or local businesses. It is also inexpensive to set up a booth where children pay to have their faces painted. You can also have a car wash to raise money. Usually you will have to contact a local business about using their premises for the car wash (and their water!), but most will be willing to cooperate when they know it is for school fund raising.

Many educators choose to do school fund raising by having the students sell things. If this is the case, you may want to check out information available on the Internet. A quick check on your favorite search engine will give you good ideas of what sells well for fundraisers. Many schools or segments of a school (such as the soccer team or choir) sell chocolate bars. Often children in elementary school sell wrapping paper. If the children are younger, it will probably require some supervision of the parent, so you may want to call a meeting of all the parents to see what they think the best idea for school fund raising is.

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