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School Fights

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School fights have been going on for years. Statistics show that as many as 15% of students between the grades of 9 and 12 will be involved in some type of physical fight while at school. Where as once all a teacher had to do was break up a fistfight between two students, she or he might now have to deal with students who are armed with knives and guns when fighting at school.

Often, the police are called to schools to break up school fights. As a means of using non-lethal force, some police departments are using taser guns to break up school fights. The Garner Police Department of Garner, NC leaves it up to the discretion of their officers as to whether to use a taser gun to break up a school fight. Because some students who are in school fights may be carrying a weapon, it may protect both the officer, the students involved in the fight, and any bystanders for the officer to use a taser gun to end the fight and get the students under control. School officials say that just knowing the officers can use the taser guns has decreased the amount of violence in the school.

To help prevent school fights, Southeast High School in Kansas City, Missouri has instigated a team of students called the Students Advocating School Safety (SASS). There are twenty-five students who comprise the SASS and they are trained to help enforce safety in the school. The students of SASS are encouraged to make recommendations to school administrators on how to maintain safety within the school. One of their ideas is to shut off access to the side stairwells as that can be a place where violence takes place. The students hope to not police the school, but stop the school fights before they occur.

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