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School Bus

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A school bus is a very convenient and inexpensive method for parents to ensure that their children get to and from school safely. Going by a school bus means there is no fear of the child crossing the road in an unsafe manner or being accosted by a stranger. As long as the children are made aware of the appropriate manner of boarding and getting off a school bus, the risks of any major physical injury are minimized.

A school bus is also the usual choice when children are taken on field trips to places such as the zoo or the museum. You should see to it that the child waits for the school bus at a spot well back from the road and all the traffic. The child should stay away from the school bus when it is approaching and only move towards it when it comes to a complete stop and the driver indicates that it is safe to board.

Make sure the child holds on to the handrails when entering and exiting the school bus. It is essential to always heed the driver’s instructions when boarding and disembarking from the bus. Tell the child that should he/she drop something while exiting the bus, they must inform the driver of this so he is aware of it.

It is good to make children aware of the dangers of pushing and shoving each other while they are waiting to board the school bus, particularly when the stop is by the road. Instruct your child to obey the driver at all times when aboard the bus. Children should be seated at all times during their journey on a school bus. Playing or fighting inside a school bus is very dangerous and hence, care should be taken to avoid it at all times.

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