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School Bus

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Each school day, thousands of children ride a school bus. Some are inner city kids that have no transportation to school and some are kids that live in rural areas, quite a distance from the closest school. But no matter who the children are or why they are riding a school bus, there is once chief concern – school bus safety.

You may have wondered why school buses do not have seat belts like other vehicles. That is because there is a federal motor vehicle safety standard that requires that the manufacturers of school buses build them so that they still protect the children in event of a crash. This includes strong seats that are close together and have energy absorbing seat backs.

There are many different facets to school bus safety other than the school bus itself. School bus drivers must be qualified to driver a school bus, but they also need to be able to keep control of their school bus as well. They must be able to pay attention to what is going on outside the school bus as well as inside. The public also plays a role in school bus safety. If you see a school bus stopped, with the “Stop” sign extended, you must stop your vehicle, no matter which side of the street you are on. This allows the children to pass safely from the school bus to their home – even if they have to cross the street. If you fail to stop for a school bus, you can receive a ticket. Parents can also play a role in school bus safety by teaching their children how to act while on the school bus. This includes things like remaining in their seats, listening to the bus driver, and don’t be too loud while the bus is in motion.

School bus safety is a big concern, but if everyone works together, accidents can be prevented.

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