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School Bullying Prevention

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Grade Level: 5th Grade. (Can Be Modified to any grade Level)
Created: Regular Needs & Special

Goal/Concept: To increase positive character attitudes and behaviors as bullying preemption and to increase student citizenship and person patriotism.  Citizenship includes respect and kindness toward neighbor. Citizenship/patriotism is a character trait. Part of citizenship is to respect and appreciate veterans.

12 million students are impacted by bullying daily. Non-structured environments like playgrounds, PE, buses, cafeteria are the most frequent location of bullying words. Cyber bullying is a growing problem. Over 15% bullying happens in classroom.

Bullying preemption, stops bullying before it starts by providing alternate behaviors for staff and students. Being a good citizen of country is a natural environment for teaching the concept.

Educational Standards addressed: Mental Health Social Studies
Teacher materials needed: Books: Casey and The Amazing Giant Green Shirt, by Margaret Ross

Steps Information: The teacher will model the activity; explain the story’s tie to Veterans. Students will then brainstorm.

Student Materials Needed: Book. Casey and The Amazing Giant Green Shirt or Casey and the Amazing Good Finder. Writing Paper, Construction Paper, and Markers/Colored Pencils.

Length of lesson is 30 minutes.

Number of sessions is 1. 

Teacher Tips: The teacher will model the activity and wear a green shirt similar to Casey’s grandfather in the book.

Verification: Teacher observations.

Vocabulary: Veterans, Veterans Day, Positive, Negative, Honesty, Patriotism, Fairness,

Motivational Strategies: The teacher will introduce the Casey book and discuss Casey’s grandfather’s Army service and Army jacked.

Student Activities:
1. Discuss as a class meaning of valuable objects. RE: Casey’s grandfather’s army jacket.
2. Students Will Read Casey and Amazing Giant Green Shirt to someone at home.
3. Students will use internet and encyclopedia and discuss meaning of “veteran”
3. Students will discuss Casey’s grandfather as a veteran
4. Students will create a letter, picture or card honoring a veteran and present them.

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