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So you’ve heard of online degrees. You’ve listened to the spiels about how great they are. After all, who wouldn’t want to go to class on their own time, in their sweatpants? But wait. You don’t want to be a teacher or a business major; you want to be an RN. Are there any options for you, you wonder? The short answer: yes.

Obtaining an RN degree online is becoming a common practice. Many schools offer the MSN and RN degrees online. At first this may bring on a bout of confusion for prospective students. For prospective patients of these students, it may bring on hyperventilating and sheer panic. After all, who would want to have a nurse giving them a shot who never learned how? Before you dismiss the idea of getting an RN degree online altogether, let’s take a look at the facts.

Getting an RN degree online is now easier than ever before. That doesn’t mean any Joe Schmo off the street can sign up online and start. The same application procedures apply for online degrees that apply for in-classroom degrees.

Though coursework for an RN degree is offered online, you will still have to go into an approved facility to complete your clinical work. That means, in short, that no, you will not have to practice giving shots on a grapefruit at home; you’ll still learn to do this procedure and all other required procedures under the guidance of a supervisor.

Getting an RN degree online can be a valuable option for those looking to enhance their careers, start a new career, or change their focus. The flexibility an online degree affords allows busy adults the ability to continue their current jobs while furthering their education. The end result—a respected degree that will give you the qualifications to obtain a position throughout the United States.

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