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The purpose of a resume is really to land the interview with the job you want.  It is an advertisement for yourself, so you want it to be accurate, thorough, and professional.  It’s important to remember that today’s job market is fiercely competitive, so your resume might be one of a hundred or even a thousand prospective new hires!  With some resume writing help, you can stand out in the crowd.  There are certain words that employers look for, so try to use them, although sparingly.  These “power words” usually get attention and show clout, so look at some resume writing help sites for a list of the most well esteemed power words to include on your resume.  Your writing skills will be examined, so be sure your resume is pitch perfect when it comes to spelling, margins, and grammar.  This is a must, since any misspellings can automatically place you out of the running.

A great source of resume writing help is friends who may work in the same field as you, or people who have recently gotten a job and had to submit a resume.  They can help you with tips and tricks since the process is still fresh in their mind.  Remember that every job sector has different criteria as far as what they’re looking for in a resume, so be sure the source of your resume writing help is accurate.  Not all resumes have to come with a cover letter, and in fact if the employer does not ask for one, it is usually not recommended.  The cover letter often distracts an employee who may be in a dire need for some people and does not have time to read through cover letters.  You might want to write a few different resumes and look over each to decide which one you feel most comfortable submitting.  Trial and error is often the way to determine whether your resume will work in your favor.

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