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Private Schools

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Are you considering putting your children in private schools? You should remember that private schools are not for everyone. They are much different than public schools and can be very different from each other. When selecting a school it is best to make your decision based on your child’s needs.

One of the biggest differences in public and private schools is the funding. Private schools are not dependant upon the state for funds. This means that you will most likely be responsible for much of the cost of your child’s education.

Yet, there are some options for parents without the funds necessary for private schools. Scholarships and grants are available as well as special payment plans. Some states also offer funding vouchers for students who are currently attending poorly performing schools.

Many private schools have large budgets that allow them to offer more extra curricular items than public schools. They may also offer a higher quality staff. However, each school is different and there are some public schools that are of very high quality as well.

One of the aspects of private schools that can be both positive and negative is their ability to select students. This can be positive if your child is chosen because they will be attending classes which, in theory, will be full of students who are ready and willing to learn. Those students who were willing to learn but were not able to make the cut may be negatively impacted by the selection process used by private schools.

When selecting a private school it is important to visit the facilities. Take a look around and talk to the staff. If you are going to choose a private school make sure it is worth it. Compare the school to other public schools in the area. Remember to listen to your children’s input as well. They are the ones that are going to have to attend the school.

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