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Physical Education Curriculum

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As with any curriculum, you will need a great physical education curriculum to round out your students’ school day. This should be able to encourage and motivate your students’ to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle even after they are out of school. If you can get them excited and show them that exercising does not have to just be about work, that it can be fun, then you will have them hooked on staying fit.

Today’s youth are more overweight than ever, so this makes it doubly important to develop a good physical education curriculum and get them back in shape, or at least get them back on track to a healthier lifestyle. A good physical education curriculum will help your students to develop the knowledge and fitness levels that will help them achieve a lifetime of physical activity and good health. All children, no matter the grade level, should be required to participate in good quality PE classes every day they are in attendance at school. Your physical education curriculum should be aligned instruction and assessment and give everyone the chance to learn.

Every child has to complete a physical fitness test and your physical education curriculum should be geared to help them succeed during that assessment. They should be flexible and have a good core strength. You should plan your activities based on this physical fitness curriculum. By the time your students complete your class, you will want them to have a good understanding of the benefits of regular physical fitness and the consequences of being active or inactive.

You may not want to stick to the same physical activities everyday in your physical education curriculum. Kids tend to get bored by the same activities. This makes it a good idea to switch it up every so often, such as move from actual exercises to playing a sport or even dancing. Anything to get the students’ active and enjoying themselves will be great.

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