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Pharmacy Schools

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In just about every state in the United States there are pharmacy schools. You can also find pharmacy schools in other parts of the world. Finding a good school should not be too difficult. Statewide and worldwide are prestigious schools. The University of California, San Francisco ranked as the fourth largest recipient of National Institutes of Health research funds in 2001. They received $350.4 million dollars. The institute’s school of pharmacy department continues to rank number one in the National Institutes of Health research funding. The School of Pharmacy also ranks first in the NIH research for pharmacy schools and received 47 awards in 2001 for a total of $18.5 million. There are also other pharmacy schools that do very well. The top five schools are the University of Utah, University of Arizona, University of Kansas, and University of Illinois-Chicago.

Pharmacy schools enhance health through innovative pharmaceutical education, research, and practical and public service. By innovative educational research and practice setting, students are able to acquire knowledge and skill to excel in a variety of pharmaceutical careers. Which ever area of pharmaceuticals a student studies, they will be able to take these skills with them where ever they go. Many pharmacy schools influence in shaping drug policy and pharmaceutical practice. Joined together with national and international collaborations, pharmaceutical care throughout the world can be improved.

If you are in high school and you are seriously considering attending a pharmacy school, take as many mathematic and science courses you can. Though pharmacy schools may not look at your high school grades, a good science and math background will help prepare you for the many science courses that are included in the pre-pharmacy curriculum. You will spend the first two years of college completing courses in chemistry, biology, physics and math as well as general education courses. If you are already in college and taking pre-pharmacy courses at a college or university and wish to attend a high ranking pharmaceutical school. It is possible to do, check to see if your credits transfer. If they do, then you are on your way to added success.

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