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Online Paralegal Degree

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An online paralegal degree is an excellent choice for many people, especially those who are currently working full time jobs. Unlike many two year and four year degrees, an online paralegal degree can be earned entirely online. An online degree program is a great advantage to working adults, many who require flexible school times and study hours. A paralegal degree may also pay off big for you. The paralegal profession is growing and there is a need for trained personnel to fill the void. There are law firms needing the expertise of paralegals to help with their workload.

If you are looking at getting an online degree, there are a few things you should investigate about the company offering the degree before you start. Once you find a institution online that offers a paralegal degree or certificate, check their credentials. You will want to know if they are accredited and if their degree will be recognized by most law firms. Ask questions about their instructors such as how long have they been teaching and what are their credentials. As how much their program is and inquire as to whether financial aid is available. Be sure to ask how long the program lasts. Some online paralegal degrees require between six and ten months of work, so make sure you are able to dedicate that amount of time to the program. Do not be afraid to ask what their job placement rate is of graduating students either. Also, ask if the degree will prepare you to take the Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) examination given by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). Many law offices may require you to not only have a degree, but be certified as well before hiring you. All this information will be very important in deciding which online paralegal degree to purse.

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