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Earning an online masters degree is one way to improve your workplace marketability and salary potential. If you already posses a bachelor’s degree in a specific field of study, you may be able to earn an online masters degree in the same area of study within a year’s time.

Online masters degree programs cover a relatively wide range of courses, but are generally related to business in some way. Most online masters degree programs are science or art based programs. Math, computers, and engineering falls under science programs while design, languages, and music fall under the arts. College level professors are required to have a masters degree and many people return to school after gaining work-place experience to earn their masters degree and teach college level courses.

Not all online masters degree programs will accept transcripts from previous courses and may not be compatible with all bachelor’s degree programs. Be sure to check with your potential school before applying for an online masters degree program to make sure you will meet the requirements, as application fees are generally non-refundable.

As with all distance learning, online masters degree programs are delivered via the internet and course lessons are generally delivered every few days with assignments or tests due at the end of each lesson. Though there are fewer classes involved in masters degree programs than undergraduate programs, they are generally more intense, especially if project-based. Typically online masters degree programs are course and research based only, with a final exam and thesis bearing the most weight for successful completion.

Always verify the legitimacy of any school or program before you enroll for an online degree program. It is also wise to compare prices and course schedules of at least three schools before enrolling in an online masters degree program. Don’t discount talking to co-workers about programs they might have experience with, too.

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