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Are online degrees different than traditional classroom degrees? Does going to school via your computer make your education degree any less valid? In short—no. An online education degree holds the same credentials as a degree obtained inside the classroom. Graduates go on to teach in a variety of school settings. Online education degrees are offered for both undergraduate and graduate degrees around the nation. They provide an alternative option for schooling; an option that is being sought out more and more.

Applying for an online education degree requires the same process as a traditional degree. You must first fill out an application and provide any necessary paperwork. This may include high school or previous college transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, etc. The requirements very from school to school, just as they do with a traditional classroom degree.

To obtain an online education degree, you’ll need to complete the same coursework other students complete who opt for the in-class environment. Instructors generally provide an online syllabus at the beginning of the course, which includes reading assignments, written assignments, papers, and exams. Just as when you are in the classroom, students are expected to complete all coursework on time.

Online education degrees do not make a student exempt from student teacher. On the contrary, the same requirements for graduation apply when a student is getting their education degree online.

Online education degrees are a viable option for busy people already in the workplace or those requiring alternative education options. To learn more about online education degrees, simply type the phrase into any search engine. Numerous options will come up. It’s best to do your research and contact the dean of the particular school you are interested in. Program lengths and times range from school to school. Who knows? An online education degree may be the right option for you or for someone you know.

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