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Those who are enrolled in Ph.D programs know the meaning of independent study, so it is only natural that online doctorate degrees are now available to accommodate those self-motivated individuals who are writing a dissertation on a specialized subject. Online doctorate degrees are available for almost any subject, but the most popular areas are Education, Business Administration, Health Administration and other areas. Although the majority of online doctorate degrees allow students the freedom to pursue their course at their own pace anywhere in the world, occasional meetings with supervisors may be required, and as with any other Ph. D. program, the successful candidate is expected to defend a lengthy dissertation before a panel. This must done in person, but the vast majority of coursework for online doctorate degrees can be done in one’s home at the computer.

Online doctorate degrees, like traditional doctoral programs, require a lot of research and writing time. Much of this work can be pursued independently, which is one reason a doctoral program fits so well into the distance learning model. Many students feel that they can do a substantial amount of research on their computers, but find that they need to go to a traditional library at times. Institutions awarding online doctorate degrees allow their distance learning students to use their research facilities, but if you are located far away from your university, you might be able to find access to research institutions in your area.

The doctoral thesis works well with online learning, since traditional doctoral students have lived some distance from their universities and have communicated with advisors by phone, fax, or other means. Online doctorate degrees work in a similar way, but, thanks to technology, allow students to communicate with one another through chats or to access lectures that are downloaded or are on DVDs. Students pursuing a Ph.D can live their day to day lives at work or caring for their families while working toward an advanced degree.

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