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Music Lesson Plans

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Music teachers have many avenues to choose from when they are making music lesson plans. Depending on what aspect of music you are specifically working on in your class there are a variety of lesson plans to choose from. Whether you are teaching a music history class, a basic theory class, or general music, it is important that your music lesson plans be well thought out and exciting to keep the attention of your class.
For teachers that are teaching music history there are many great sites on the Internet they can find that will help them with writing music lesson plans for their class. There are many sites that have a lot of information on the history of music that can help you with the content for your lessons. It is important when teaching music history that you make it applicable to modern day so the students understand why this information affects them. Incorporating projects that compare music styles of the modern day with music styles of many years ago can be a great way to bring music history to life.

Teaching music theory can often be difficult and it is important that you have music lesson plans that make learning theory exciting. Just teaching basic music theory and having your students do worksheets can get very boring so when possible it is helpful to come up with interesting games to play using the information you have taught. Playing a form of jeopardy asking theory questions, or having groups compete, on how fast they can complete theory worksheets, can add more excitement to your class.

No matter what kind of music class you teach it is important that your music lesson plans be exciting and foster a love of music in your students. Incorporating modern music, that students enjoy and are familiar with, can help them learn to appreciate music more and can help them relate to other music principles you try to teach them.

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