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Music Education

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Music and education have always gone hand in hand. Yet, today we are faced with the problem of low finances. Many people have countered this problem of education funding by cutting music education. Though this may help the funding problem a little, what is the sacrifice of doing so?

Music education has proven to aid a child’s ability to learn. This is seen by comparing test scores of students with music education to those students who have not encountered such education. Whether it is instrument lessons, learning to sing, or general music appreciation, there are benefits to be had. If a child wants to learn to play the guitar but the family has a limited budget, that child may be out of luck.

Music education is older than high schools sports, yet high school sports are increasing while music education may be soon demised. While high school sports are very important to education and the physical fitness of today’s youth among other reasons, it is just an example of how certain subjects are treated differently. Physical fitness is the new fad these days and may account for the importance placed on sports. However, music education is just as important.

Another reason why music may perhaps be loosing its luster in the education systems is because emphasis is being placed on subjects that lead to an actual career. While this is an important shift that addresses the need to give students who do not plan to attend college a chance at a successful vocation, music education should not be lost in the process. Learning to play an instrument may also keep children out of trouble by giving them something to do after school.

To help bring music education back to our classrooms parents, teachers, and the community must work together. There are also organizations like Save the Music that seek to bring music education back to our schools. However, parents can help being active leaders in their children’s education. Holding fundraisers and educating others on the benefits of music education is the only way to bring the subject back.

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