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Music Education

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Mozart composed his first piece of music at the age of three. Andrew Lloyd Webber was barely out of his teens when he had two hit musicals on Broadway. Your child may not be a music prodigy, but he or she can still receive many benefits from a good music education.

According to the Children’s Music Workshop, music lessons can help stimulate the parts of the brain that control language and reasoning. This can help your child in many areas of his or her life. Music education can also help a child develop his or her spatial intelligence. Spatial intelligence involves being able to form pictures of objects and their relationships in one’s mind, such as making a jigsaw puzzle.

Music education can help teach a child patience and self-discipline. It takes time and practice to learn how to coax a pleasing sound from an instrument or to develop one’s vocal range. The harder the child works, the better the outcome.

Furthermore, music education gives the child a creative, affirming way to express him or herself. If the child is part of a band, choir, ensemble, etc., he or she will also master social skills that can be carried into the classroom and, later in life, into the workplace.

The National Association for Music Education, describes several observations and studies which indicate that students benefit socially, scholastically, intellectually, and psychologically from music education.

One study that they mention found that students with music education scored better on math exams than students who had not studied music. Another study found that music students scored higher on SAT exams than students who did not study music. Still another found that students who participated in arts programs demonstrated increased self-esteem.

Most children show some curiosity about music and musical instruments. Take advantage of your child’s interest to get him or her involved in music education. The benefits can last a lifetime.

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